Kokena, Inc.

Kokena, Inc., is a 501 (c) 3 charitable organization located in Henderson, NV with an outreach to multiple communities throughout the the world.  The word Kokena means “to be happy” in the Kenya Kikuyu language and  "illuminating light" in ancient Hawaiian.  Our goal is to help people have joy in serving one another in measurable ways. Through the NET Gifting System, Kokena inspires members of communities to dynamically give-it-forward and care for each other. 

Nag Hammadi Library

For over 12 years, the directors of Kokena have been gathering evidence associated with the scientifically acceptable hypothesis that God does exist and that he has revealed his gift of love to mankind in many cultures at various times both before and after the mortal ministry of Jesus Christ. Many of challenges facing the world today can be resolved by discovering and applying this knowledge of how we can relate to him and to our fellow men.


Kokena, Inc. was established at the beginning of this millennium (April 7, 2000) for the purpose of building a database of scholarly quotes that provide significant evidence for the above hypothesis.  Furthermore, we believe that a key to that plan involves individual freedom. Just as clearly as Einstein’s theory of relativity has corresponding evidence, the theory of “God’s gift” has a phenomenal amount of evidence from ancient documents and cultural groups.  Research in this area helps us to realize that "we are all in this together". 



We believe that for a variety of reasons and misdirected arguments, the concept of God is being systematically removed from history, our schools, our public places, or conversations and our way of being. This accelerates opportunities for negative and destructive influences to degrade and even destroy our divine nature. We see increased division, fear, immorality, despair, anger, addiction, abuse, and crime destroying individuals, families and communities. The fundamental and eternal nature of the family is under attack. Our freedom continues to erode as we accept increased security measures to combat this trend of ignoring God.


Our youth especially fall prey to these evil influences if not protected with fortifying knowledge. We see our technology-savvy younger generation turning from righteousness and faith to addictive behaviors and apathy. They observe a world in financial and political stress with diminishing hope of future prospects. As government agencies throughout the world continue to take over more of the social needs, communities lose the compassion that religious groups can offer when caring for the poor and sick. Basically, governments are replacing God and even abandoning the phrase “In God We Trust”.




Imagine the difference in a person’s life if they know they are children of a God who knows them personally and has a plan for their salvation.

 Declaration of Independence

In American we enjoy the principles upon which the Founding Fathers established the United States.  Even though the Founding Fathers had different denominational backgrounds, they based the founding principles on a united concept of God.  They testified of the influence of a loving personal being who granted His children unalienable rights to enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  They believed that God gives commandments (laws) to His children; and nations will enjoy unalienable rights only if they obey such laws.  Men will be held accountable for their actions where judgment and mercy will hang in a critical balance.


So what principles can motivate the whole world to be united in peace?   Should such principles be based on God or government?  How can we turn the secular tide that is leading the world away from a loving and compassionate Father in Heaven?   Knowledge is the key.  Most of the major groups of people on this earth can find in their own ancient traditions evidence of God's gift.  It has been revealed many times to His children throughout the ages.  Imagine a world where everyone embraced God's personal love for them and treated each other lovingly as spiritual brothers and sister.



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