Your Support

 We appreciate your support in the following ways:


Peter learning with his mom

     Purchase educational family games

Purchase games being developed by Multispan Productions, Inc. This company has pledged to donate 10% of the net proceeds to Kokena, Inc to support ongoing research and documentation of freedom related documents.  Please visit their website for this project at for more information.  

     Refer us to others

Spread the news about us through your social networks.  Please invite people to visit these websites (,, and in your social communications.

     Help launch Kickstarter project

We plan to launch Kickstarter projects for games and videos as soon as we get 500 people to express an interest in supporting us by registering for our newsletter. The website essentially allows projects to be funded only if enough people commit to purchase the resulting products in a limited amount of time.  We will post more information here as we progress toward a launch date.


Kokena is conducting a fundraising campaign to raise $25,000 to fund the first 30-minute documentary video in a series called “Restoring God’s Gift”.  Each video will highlight a scholarly book concerning ancient document discoveries that reveal information about God’s gift for His children known in ancient times. If you know of any individuals or charitable foundations that may want to support such initiatives, please contact us. For more information download Restoration_Evidences_Videos_Request_For_Donations.pdf.  


   Dr. Ranel Erickson