Treasures of Freedom

Declaration of IndependenceTreasures of Freedom is a series of educational family games that inspire families and friends to enjoy spending time together learning historical documents and Biblical scriptures associated with freedom. The basic play of the first game, Rummy Artifacts, involves a deck of artifact cards and a set of manuscript sheets. Players excavate artifact cards, publish fragments of historical documents and memorize phrases on the document sheets in order to exchange smaller runs and sets of discovery cards into artifact point cards.  The advanced play of Rummy Artifacts introduces archeological player pawns, dice, and coins to support random excavations and auctions.

These games are being developed by Multispan Productions, Inc.   This company has pledged to donate 10% of the net proceeds to Kokena, Inc to support ongoing research and documentation of freedom related documents.  Please visit their website for this project at for more information.  They plan to continue developing other games that use an ever growing number of historical document packages available at that site.

Here is some material that will give you a quick orientation to Rummy Artifacts:

Family games to inspire learning

The families who have play tested this game have enjoyed interacting with each other while learning treasured documents of freedom.  The manuscript pack that is in this first game includes:

  • Manuscript 10101  Declaration of Independence (Excerpts)
  • Manuscript 10102  First Inaugural Address (Excerpts)
  • Manuscript 10103  Bill of Rights
  • Manuscript 10104  Gettysburg Address

Learn manuscripts

More manuscript packages will become available as we continue to receive donations to support this onging research (click on "Your Support" menu tab).


Highly interactive fun

Imagine acting as an antiquities dealer.  In Rummy Artifacts, you collect artifacts and historical fragments by strategic worker placements, random excavations, competitive auctions, publication races, and the recitation of manuscript fragments.  The object of the game is to be the first to reach 10 points based on coins and the value of artifacts obtained from assembling runs and sets of excavated discovery cards.

Assemble and Claim Artifacts

Euro-style game features

    Multiple players can receive discovery cards each turn

When a player rolls the dice during their turn directing the archeological excavation phase, other players  have the opportunity to receive discovery cards (like resource cards).  You can even select cards that may prevent other players from getting the cards they need. 

Grid and workers

     Place workers to improve probability of excavating discovery cards

Each player can select the archeological trenches that their workers excavate during each players turn as antiquities dealer.  In some Euro-style games (like Settlers of Catan), it is hard for some players who fall behind to catch up because a larger number of placed workers (like cities and settlements) bring in more resources.  In Treasures of Freedom, if you get behind, you can use additional workers to increase your probability of receiving resources.  This feature creates some intriguing play strategies.

     Multiple pathways to winning

Rummy Artifacts has multiple pathways to win the game.  Some of the game-testing groups revealed intense see-saw battles in total points while others ended with explosive surprise endings involving the claiming of artifacts at optimum times.  Some endings were critically dependent on the number of coins acquired through auctions and the publications of discovered fragments.  Multiple strategies to win entice people to play over and over again.  But that’s great!  The more you play the more you learn the manuscripts.

Simple To Learn

If you like Rummy-style games (like Phase 10 or Rummikub), you will enjoy Rummy Artifacts. During the antiquities dealing phase, you combine discovery cards into runs of sequential numbers and sets of the same types of artifacts in order to claim various artifact cards.  Georgia Erickson, mother of one of the founders of Kokena, enjoyed Rummy-style games, and we dedicate this aspect of the game to her for her family’s wonderful tradition of playing cards together.

Player Interaction


The interaction between players is very engaging.  Instead of the traditional approach of trading cards, players choose to auction or publish a discovery card in their hand.  Some of the game testers really enjoyed getting into the auctioneer role:  “5 thousand, 10 thousand, 10 thousand once, twice, 15 thousand, do I hear 20, going, going, gone”.   Hilarious laughter!  Other players would even beg another player to auction a card by offering them a high starting bid.




Publishing a discovery card is just as fun.  After receiving 2 coins from the bowl for the publication, you read a few words in the manuscript fragment.  Then watch the other players scramble to point to the position where the fragment occurs in the manuscript sheet in front of them.  If correct they get the card, but they do so at a risk; because they pay you 2 coins if they are wrong.  Some of the game testers became good at choosing common words that appear in various places in the document to catch eager players wanting specific cards.



  Claiming Artifacts

As you assemble collections of 3 discovery cards, you select a fragment number on one of the cards in the collection and begin preparing to recite a number of lines that contain that line.  It is fun to help each other learn the manuscript.



Gain Wisdom

Beyond Euro and Rummy style games, Treasures of Freedom games have the advantage of focusing on selected manuscripts.  It empowers families and friends to help each other memorize inspirational and motivational manuscripts and Biblical scriptures.  Every player can choose the level at which they want to play.  The number they select determines the number of lines they must recite by memory to complete a run or set and claim manuscript fragments.  A player who is new to a manuscript may want to choose level 1 while another player may have the confidence to choose level 3.

One of the founders of Kokena heard one of his granddaughters yell out from the kitchen, “I memorized those lines last time I played the game”.  She was talking to her older teen-age brother was trying to recite some lines during a game with his friends in the dining room. 

Enjoy and learn.